Screw Compressor Air Station 38 CFM

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    C10 LDR

    BOGE compressed air centre C 10 LDR 350 air cooled

    Screw compressor with BOGE energy saving refrigerant compressed air dryer on horizontal compressed air receiver

    Maintenance friendly
    – For routine inspections and maintenance all components must be accessible
    easily and from the front
    – Very simple maintenance through common access opening for oil separator cartridge
    and high efficiency oil filter; valveless oil circuit
    – This minimises your maintenance and service costs

    BOGE Energy-saving refrigerant compressed air dryer of series DS
    – Large-scale components not only stand for low pressure loss and
    avoid overcompression but also mean the greatest reliability and
    guaranteed durability
    – Low operating costs to to optimally harmonised components
    – The refrigerant dryer in the DS series is characterised by an unusually low
    pressure loss. This means that less pressure loss must be compensated at the compressor.
    That saves 6% energy costs per bar less overcompression
    – The environmentally friendly refrigerant that is used has no ozone depletion potential and
    ensures maximum conservation of resources and environmentally friendly
    and modern refrigerant dryer operation
    together with recyclable materials and high energy efficiency,
    – The built in components are tried and tested in practice. The intelligent layout
    of the robust heat exchanger package guarantees energy saving operation
    – Standard with level controlled condensate drain
    Additional features
    – Compressor unit isolated from mechanical vibration
    – Motor protection IP 55 with PTC thermistors
    – Integrated electrical switch cabinet (IP 54)
    – Constant low oil carry-over in all operating phases due to efficient
    pre-separation in the integral compressed air-oil separator
    – Compressed air aftercooler for low compressed air outlet temperatures
    – No condensate in the oil due to thermostatically controlled oil cooler
    – Powder coated surface, light blue, RAL 5012
    – Instrument panel on holder with all necessary instruments, such as a type tested
    safety valve, pressure gauge, control flange with nozzle bore
    – Shut-off valve on compressed air outlet, condensate drain valve as standard

    Technical Data:
    Effective free air delivery of complete unit
    measured according to ISO 1217 Part C 1,05 m³/min
    at maximum compressor overpressure 8,0 bar
    Main drive motor nominal power 7,50 kW
    Required power input of the dryer 0,25 kW
    Protection type / Insulation class of the motor IP 55 / F
    Operating voltage (compressor) 400 V / 50 Hz
    Control voltage (compressor) 24 V AC / 24 V DC
    Operating-/control voltage (dryer) 230 V / 50 Hz
    Cooling air volume flow (compressor) 3000,00 m³/h
    Cooling air volume flow (dryer) 220,00 m³/h
    Suction or ambient temperature (min...max) +5...+40 °C
    Compressed air outlet temperature above ambient temperature 9 K
    Pressure dew point at inlet conditions according to DIN ISO 7183 +3 °C
    Receiver volume 350 l
    Unit sound pressure level (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2151) 68 dB(A)
    Width / Depth / Height 1960 / 720 / 1350 mm
    Compressed air connection (ball valve) G ½
    Weight 380,0 kg

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