Oil Water Seperator - 10m3/min

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Oil Water Seperator - 10m3/min :      $1,400 AUD ($1,540 Inc. GST)

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    Oil/water separator CC 10-2

    Condensate is formed in each compressor. Since the condensate of oil-lubricated compressors
    becomes mixed with oil, it must be treated before disposal. Particularly with modern synthetic
    compressor oils, the gravity separation used up to now does not work optimally. The BOGE
    CC... -2 oil-water separators reliably separate all types of oil, so that a residual oil content
    of less than 10 ppm is achieved.
    Each CC..-2 is certified according to DIBt and fulfils the requirements of the
    German Federal Water Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz, WHG).

    Suitable for all oils
    – Due to the tendency of modern fully synthetic oils, which are increasingly used in compressors,
    to emulsify in the condensate, conventional gravity separation of oil and water is not ideal for
    this purpose. The good news is that BOGE CC..-2 are able to meet this challenge and are
    approved for use worldwide.

    Filter indicator display
    – To assess the condition of the filters, the new BOGE oil/water separators use two indicator
    displays - one per tower. The display in the first tower indicates when the filter element is
    saturated, while the second one reliably monitors the overflow.

    Ergonomic maintenance
    – Downtimes are always unproductive - so finding a way to restrict them is a good thing.
    BOGE CC..-2 have ergonomically designed filter units that weigh less in saturated form
    and can therefore be removed more quickly. The second condensate drain is also used
    for accelerated maintenance.

    Technical Data:
    Volume flow of connected upstream
    BOGE compressors max. 10,00 m³/min
    Receiver volume 15 l
    Condensate intake (hose) 2x G 1/2
    Water discharge (hose) 1x G 1
    Permissible condensate temperature +5...+60 °C
    Width / Depth / Height 650 / 240 / 750 mm
    Weight empty 16.6kg

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