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    Model: 16.5MM -160MM
    Legris Transair Aluminum Pipe System:
    Saves Energy,
    Improves Airflow,
    And reduces labor costs.
    Enables many plants to increase productivity and reduce costs.

    Includes: aluminium piping, flexible hose, push-to-connect fittings, pipe clips, quick-assembly brackets, and air shut-off ball valves.
    Designed for both primary and secondary distribution of compressed air, vacuum and inert gases, and fluids, Transair aluminium piping system provides several advantages. Advantages include reduced energy consumption, improved operational efficiency, and minimised installation and maintenance costs.

    Simple installation:
    Labor accounts for only 20 percent of the cost of installing a Transair Aluminium Piping System. By comparison, labour accounts for 60 to 80 percent of a steel system, 50 to 70 percent of a copper system and 40 to 60 percent of a plastic system.

    The materials and modular design of the Transair aluminium pipe system makes it easier and less expensive to install than traditional products. For example, aluminium piping is easier to handle than standard steel piping, and its push-to-connect fittings secure connections with a simple push and twist. The fittings eliminate the need for skilled pipe fitters, expensive and heavy tools, pipe preparation, and pipe threading. They also eliminate the time needed for soldering and glue drying. Once the pipe is pushed into the fitting, the connection is secure and ready to be pressurised.

    Layout flexibility:
    Successful operations need to be able to take advantage of new equipment options and automation techniques without incurring lengthy downtime and expense. Consequently, the ability to reconfigure production layouts or implement process changes quickly is critical. Transair aluminium pipe system makes reconfiguration practical and efficient. Simply rotate the fitting nut 360 degrees and pull the pipe from the fitting and reconfigure!

    Since the fittings are not soldered or glued, components are reusable, and can be removed then reinstalled. The modular design and handling ease enables plant personnel to implement many layout changes within minutes, instead of hours. This minimises downtime and increases plant productivity.

    Energy savings:
    Energy costs associated with a compressed air system are significant. For example, when analysed over a ten-year period, the cost of energy consumed by an average compressed air system exceeded other costs, including the initial cost of equipment and installation. The cost of electric may exceed the cost of the capital equipment, each year!

    System pressure drops are one cause of inefficient energy use. A 14.5 psi pressure drop uses 10 percent additional energy. These drops can result from a number of sources, including poor system configuration, interior pipe surface corrosion, and compressed air contamination.

    System configuration - Poor system configuration can lead to improper airflow. The flexible hose used in Transair aluminium piping system eliminates many of the layout constraints encountered with rigid piping systems. It accommodates physical obstacles and provides a link between the compressor and piping.

    Corrosion - Interior pipe corrosion is a common cause of pressure drops and higher maintenance costs. Smooth bore piping, such as plastic and aluminium, resist corrosion. Galvanised and black iron pipe decreases in opening over time. Galvanised and black iron fittings are crudely designed with restrictions to air flow internally. Brass and copper fittings and valves typically have smaller bores than the associated pipe size. Transair pipe will not corrode and the fittings are ALL designed for compressed air flow with full bore construction.
    Durable protection of equipment Transair® enables elimination of the problem of rust, usually associated with steel air pipe systems. It guarantees the complete absence of corrosion (self protection by formation of aluminium oxide). The inner surface of aluminium pipe ensures good and constant quality clean air continuously.

    Legris Transair® also protects industrial equipment against water deterioration thanks to its quick assembly brackets with integral upward loop

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